Psychic Massage


Psychic Massage is a precise method which helps you to share love through bodywork. By means of a brief energy check at the beginning of the session, you find out which parts of the body are like open doors, allowing your love to enter, and by contrast, which parts of the body are engaged in the past and future so much that they cannot absorb a gift in the present moment.

This is an effortless work, because there is no intention to make things different, only to establish the conditions in which awareness can happen. The client feels accepted as he is, and this causes him to relax deeply and to have more trust. After trust has been built, the client can hear some words about his imperfect or unfinished aspects without making these things a problem.

Because of the atmosphere created, the client finds himself releasing the muscles which contracted during past traumas or conditionings; the tears which were unshed start to flow, and the love which was inhibited before finds a channel of expression.

Psychic Massage was created by Sagarpriya DeLong. For more about Psychic Massage, read Sagarpriya’s article in Osho News.

90 minutes massage 1450 kr

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