Individual Counseling

A counsellor can offer compassionate professional support during life’s tough times and help you find solutions that support you. With this support, we begin to understand ourselves more and become friends with ourselves.

Common issues:

• Relationship problems, constant arguments/bad communication.
• Anxiety – Stress – Fear
• Stuck in patterns not capable of breaking
• Separation/Divorce
• Illness
• Crisis, deep sadness, grief
• Missing joy in life, mechanical feeling, depression, a sense of “what’s it all for?”
• Low self-esteem and self-confidence

When we are able to stop and see how the situation actually is – not how we see it in the moment – then we see what our next step might be.

Often, our approach in the moment are made up by old beliefs and thoughts about what we “must” or ” should do ” . When we can free ourselves from old limiting beliefs and thoughts, the real change we yearn for can actually happen. Often it a simple change of perspective that creates a transformative shift- and sometimes you have to look back a little before one can begin to move forward.

As a therapist , I stand beside you with compassion and empathy, supporting you move to forward by shining a light on what is important to you.

50 min. 900 kr

1.5 hours 1450 kr


Special Offer

I am offering first sessions at a reduced rate of 450 kr, which is 50% off the regular rate.

This gives you the opportunity to experience working together with a smaller financial commitment.


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Individual Therapy in Stockholm